American Bodies : Dieting

credit : Comedy Skewers Image-Obsessed Culture: Women Laughing Alone With Salad

It’s time to thank Weight Watchers for kicking off the dieting action in 1963. Diet companies, diet books, diet foods have all prospered as a result. Still, it wasn’t any cakewalk: we had to invent thousands of diets with only three nutrient groups to manipulate, but we did it! We proved once again American ingenuity always prevails when money is on the table. Without any visible results, we convinced millions of Americans to fear fat and protein and carbs. We demonized butter, alcohol, fat, sugar, salt, wheat, meat, MSG, and the list goes on! Nevertheless, each and every trend props up a new cottage industry.

Go Gluten-Free!

So many dieting choices and we wanted to experience them all: Weight Watchers, Scarsdale, Nutri-System, Atkins, Jenny, Mediterranean, Paleo, the Zone, the Whole30 and hundreds more. Who knew that playing with your body had detrimental, permanent effects? How were we to know that the body actually likes consistency?

Although 95% of dieters regain the “lost” weight, health experts didn’t realize these games had consequences. Who knew there are dozens of annoying biochemical factors working against us! Still, it’s not all bad: we started the diet biz and made trillions with programs, books and foods creating jobs and a lot of wealth.

Now we are free to find a new solution. Maybe the stomach, a kidney-shaped organ under your left breast, holds a clue. The stomach directly affects the hormonal system of our bodies going awry. This, ultimately, leads to insulin resistance, a direct line to diabetes. Our stomachs are designed to enable overeating so we have a reserve when times are lean. Here in the USA we have practically unlimited quantities of cheap processed foods so most people can get fed. But if you eat fast food fast, the gut doesn’t have enough time to talk to the stomach to tell us to stop eating. So, the stomach goes to empty too quickly giving us even more room to overeat. Don’t feel guilty when you don’t “Pile on the veggies” or “load up your plate with bright colors” as overeating and overfilling your stomach with “the rainbow” can send your hormones into a tailspin.